Sour Spring Break 2019

24.05.2019, Kulmasali
Ruoka ja juoma

Korjaamo and CoolHead Brew järjestävät Pohjoismaiden ensimmäisen hapanolutfestivaalin!

Sour Spring Break 2019

Kiinnostavimmat uuden aallon pienpanimot Suomesta ja Euroopasta saapuvat Helsinkiin toukokuun viimeisenä viikonloppuna CoolHead Brew’n ja Korjaamon järjestämälle Sour Spring Break 2019 -festivaalille. Luvassa kevään happamin ja hauskin ilta, jota siivittävät myös DJ:t ja massiivinen pallomeri.

Välttääksemme ruuhkautumista molemmat päivät on jaettu kahteen sessioon. Iltapäiväsessio on klo 14–18, iltasessio klo 19–00. Tila tyhjennetään sessioiden välissä.

Festivaalin on kuratoinut CoolHead Brew’ n kuratoimassa tapahtumassa keskiössä ovat laatu, ihmiset ja ainutlaatuisuus. Mukaan on kutsuttu tällä hetkellä lupaavimmat eurooppalaiset ja kotimaiset panimot, jotka kulkevat laatu edellä. Kuratoinnissa tärkeää oli myös se, että panimomestarit ovat itse paikalla tapahtumassa eivätkä pelkästään maahantuojan edustamana.

Osallistuvat panimot (tarkemmat esittelyt alla)
Bakunin (RUS)
Brekeriet (SWE)
Ca' del Brado (ITA)
CoolHead Brew (FIN)
Fiskarsin Panimo (FIN)
The Good Guys Kombucha (FI)
Kanavan Panimo (FIN)
Penyllan (DEN)
Sahtipaja (SWE)
Wild Beer Co. (UK)
Örebro Brygghus (SWE)

Töölönkatu 51 B

PE 24.5. klo 14–18 & klo 19–00
LA 25.5. klo 14–18 & klo 19–00

Ennakkoliput: 9 € (iltapäivä) / 11 € (ilta)
Liput ovelta: 14 €
Juomalipukkeet (myydään vain paikan päällä): 3 € (annos 10/15cl riippuen tuotteesta)

Lipunhintaan kuuluu juomalasipantti. Mikäli et halua säästää festarilasia, saat poistuessasi pantin takaisin.

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Their history began with a meeting in the small, now famous Bakunin Bar in Saint Petersburg. Their love for bold tastes, daring experiments and quality beer brought them together and the group launched their first beer in 2013. Bakunin values tradition, but also know the ins and outs of modern beer culture. Their expertise is reflected in their approach to production: when they make a new beer, they don't compromise to save a buck - taste and style are everything.

Bakunin has been travelling through Europe for a number of years now. They have showcased at top festivals such as Borefts festival, Budapest Beer Week, Tallinn Craft Beer Weekend, Arrogant Sour Festival etc. They’ve collaborated with well known international breweries such as Brouwerij De Molen, Cervesa La Pirata, Birrificio Del Ducato, Boneyard Brewing Co and so on.


Brekeriet tells the story of the three brothers Ek; André, Christian and Fredrik. With different backgrounds in business and food engineering they decided to team up and start a beer import firm in the spring of 2010. Their future goal was set from the start – to start a brewery of their own. The dream came true in the fall of 2012 when their first batch was brewed in Djurslöv outside of Malmö.

Their niche is, as one of few breweries in Scandinavia, to ferment beers with nothing but wild yeast and bacteria. To further enhance the taste experience, they also secondary ferment many of their beers with berries, fruit or whatever they find interesting to try.


Perjantaina 24.5. klo 18 Restaurant Havenin tiimi kokoaa voimansa yhteen ruotsalaisen pienpanimo Brekerietin kanssa. Odotettavissa on upea illallinen, jossa Brekkerietin oluet ovat toimineet annoksien inspiraation lähteenä. Menun on suunnitellut Havenin Sous Chef, Tuukka kähkönen. Illan aikana pääset myös tutustumaan Breketietin olutvalikoimaan Brekerietin perustajan Fredrik Ek:in johdolla. Menu 75 €/hlö sisältäen oluet.

Lisätietoja ja varaukset täältä.


The best way of understanding their beers is to break down what their name means:

CA’ is an abbreviation of casa, the home, whereas BRADO refers to two different meanings: Bradùs, a greek word for slow, meaning their products carry out maturations and refinements that require time (in some cases even years). It also refers to Stato Brado or the “wild state” linking to their use of wild yeasts and bacteria. In other words, Ca’ Del Brado is the home of matured and wild!

Expect beers that respect tradition, but with a modern and innovative touch. Expect beers that are an extension of Italian craftsmanship, enriched by regional products and inspired by centuries long traditions of winemaking.


CoolHead Brew on kuratoinut festarimme huikean kiintoisan kattauksen kotimaisia ja kansainvälisisiä tekijöitä, ja heidän missionaan on asettaa Suomi pienpanimoiden parhaimmiston maailmankartalle. CoolHead Brew pyrkii tätä tavoitetta kohti innovatiivisten, laatu edellä kulkevien tuotteiden johdolla – tällä hetkellä heidän kovimmat juttunsa ovat tuplahedelmöidyt DEEP-sarjan hapanoluet sekä tuplakuivahumaloidut New England -tyyliset IPAt.

”Räiskyvä, värikäs ja muista panimoista poikkeava brändimme kuvastaa sekä tiimiämme että olutfilosofiaamme. Tulemme kaikki hyvin erilaisista taustoista -meitä yhdistää rakkaus monipuoliseen, raikkaaseen ja kekseliääseen olueen!”


Hailing from the idyllic Fiskars Village, about 50km west from Helsinki, these guys don’t follow trends but their taste. They focus on drinkability and want people to be able to down at least a few pints of their beer rather than a few sips. They’ll be bringing their most interesting sours, saisons and grisettes - some of which will be totally new releases at the festival!


The Good Guys is a small craft kombucha Brewery from Tampere run by a group of friends. We produce all of our kombucha with great love and from best organic teas. We constantly try new recipes to find even tastier combinations of flavours and healthy benefit of our natures best ingredients.


Founded in 2015, Kanavan Panimo or Canal Brewery, is a small craft brewery in the heart of the idyllic village of Vääksy.

This family-owned business ran by two brothers produces some of the most exciting sours in Finland. Their raw materials are grown locally in southern Finland and they work closely with the other producers and entrepreneurs in the area to get the right twist and ingredients in their beers.


Penyllan is a micro-brewery located in the Island of Bornholm, in the picturesque fishing village of Tein. The brewing started in 2015 by Australian wine and beer visionary Jessica Andersen together with her husband, the living legend of Danish craft beer industry, Christian Skovdal Andersen.

Penyllan focuses on producing small batches of complex, balanced and sophisticated beer slowly aged on oak barrels. The beautiful tartness of Penyllan beers is based on the experiments with the unique local wild yeasts and bacteria created by the microclimate of northern Bornholm.


Timo Krjukoff has his roots in Ypäjä (Finland) but lives in Sätila (Sweden) where he runs the family brewery / meadery started 2015 together with his son Johannes. Still ran as a side project besides ordinary work, Sahtipaja continues to win Ratebeer awards every year in addition to prestige in other competitions - such as the Mazer Cup International Mead Competition.

Nothing is impossible to them when it comes to alcoholic beverages. Sours, stouts, ciders, meads, and sour sakes are steadily shipped mainly outside Sweden - expect to taste some of the most interesting ones at the festival!


Started by an American and an Englishman in 2012, on a farm in Somerset, Wild Beer has always strove to put taste and quality at the heart of their beer making. Experts in mix-fermentation and barrel-ageing they continue the quest for flavour, complexity and balance in their beers through an additional ‘5’ ingredient.

With over 500 oak barrels and foedres, and a growing collection of ingredients, Wild Beer will always thrill and challenge your taste buds and create a memorable experience.


Örebro Brygghus was founded by three homebrewing friends in June of 2016. Invitations to Brewskival festival and All In Beer Fest in Sweden after only a couple of months in operation caught many people’s attention, including Mikkel Borg Bjergsø of Mikkeller HQ which led to appearances at his festivals in both Copenhagen and Boston along with a collab brewing at WarPigs Brewpub.

Örebro Brygghus is known to be very imaginative and elaborate when it comes to sours. How does Oyster Gose, Licorice Root Dark Sour and Sourdough Sour sound like? How about a Dill Pickles Cucumber and Dill Gose?

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