Hex Doll Halloween Ball w/ RUI HO live (BER/SHA)

01.11.2019 - 02.11.2019, Tram Hall

Experimental audiovisual club event and a Vogue Ballroom performance spectacle

Hex Doll Halloween Ball w/ RUI HO live (BER/SHA)

Hex Doll is the night of praise for the feminine within and all around.
Combining an intimate experimental audiovisual club event in Vintti with an extravagant Vogue Ballroom performance spectacle happening in Vaunusali, Korjaamo turns into an enchanted rave haven for the lost souls as we enter November.
Hex Doll welcomes everyone to join the party. Respectful behaviour & sensitivity towards fellow party-goers is expected among entry. Full info and event details below!

Rui Ho (BER/SHA)

Coco Ninja
Krash Bandicute
Cute Cumber


Nagato Miyake Mugler (ITA/NL)
Amanda 007
Ofimja Mizrahi

Mr. Sparkles 007

(further details below)
European Runway ✦ The Alien
American Runway ✦ American Psycho
Baby Vogue ✦ Zombie / Skeleton / Devil
Hands Performance vs. Arms Control ✦ Witch
Old Way ✦ Halloween
New Way ✦ The Hellraiser
Vogue Femme Tag Team** ✦ Addams Family
Face ✦ Black Swan
Body ✦ Catwoman / Batman
Lip Sync Performance ✦ Your favourite scary movie character
Best Dressed ✦ Halloween Fashion

All categories are Open to All - no dividing by gender, includes cis-people as well as trans and non-binary individuals.

Baby Vogue categories are for performers who have been voguing for 1 year or less. Baby Voguers compete in three categories for one Baby Vogue Grand Prix.

Tag Team - two people team walking a category together, one by one but tagging their partner when you switch

Hex Doll welcomes every lost soul to the party and expects all visitors to commit to an otherworldly level of respect and sensitivity towards other beings.

Be aware, that by entering the space you will be considered to be in the possession of the Hex Dolls. Be considerate of the space you occupy. Any act of discrimination, harassment, violence, toxicity, unwanted touch or intimacy towards any beautiful creation of the goddesses (or even less divine earthlings) will not be tolerated in this space.

To address another being for their consent, you may use magical words such as “Excuse me...”, “Hi...”, “May I...” or “Is it ok if…” and listen or sense carefully to the answer you might receive. There will be wisdom in that moment. In case of any inconvenience for self or others, don’t hesitate to talk to the staff.

First time to a Ball? No worries baby, we got you!

Ballroom scene is a safe space for LGBTQ+ community. It has started by African-American and Latin LGBTQ+ communities in New York. All visitors will respect and celebrate the Ballroom culture and its roots. If you are not from this community, please be mindful of the space you take up. Respect the performers and the space of the performers. If you want to participate, to walk the Ball, take some time beforehand to learn what it means. If you need any help before or in the Vogue Ball, just ask, and we will help you.

A Vogue Ball aims to be safer space for all. Everybody is welcome to feel free and loved. No to sexism, homophobia, transphobia, racism, ageism, ableism, body shaming or any form of discrimination. Yes to equality, diversity, creativity, participating, learning, new experiences and LOVE.

European Runway OTA
✦ Xenomorph - The Alien ✦
Like a small creature mercilessly bursting out of a chest, the Xenomorph has risen to become one of the most iconic movie monsters out there. With each new entry in the Alien series, the creature comes back in a shiny new form, never quite the same as when it was last seen.
Bring it like an Xenomorph and Serve the runway in an Alien inspired outfit.
Remember this is a fashion category!

American Runway OTA
✦ American Psycho - Patrick Bateman ✦
Bring it as Patrick Bateman, the wealthy, materialistic Wall Street investment banker who leads a double life as a serial killer. It’s Halloween and you are out searching for you next victim. Pick a weapon of your choice and bring it to the runway.
MANDATORY: Suit & tie

Baby Vogue OTA (1 year and under) 1 Grand Prix:
Baby Vogue Old Way OTA ✦ Zombie ✦
Baby Vogue New Way OTA ✦ Skeleton ✦
Baby Vogue Vogue Femme OTA ✦ Devil ✦

Hands Performance vs. Arms Control OTA
✦ Witch ✦
Bring it as a Halloween Witch. For your 10’s we wan’t you to cast a spell on us. Get creative and don’t forget your wand.

Old Way OTA
✦ Halloween - Michael Myers ✦
Word gets out that Michael is back in Town as he’d escaped the psychiatric hospital on the Halloween Eve 2019. For your 10’s, bring it in a white mask and a knife.

New Way OTA
✦ The Hellraiser - Cenobites - The Worshipers of Leviathan ✦
Demons to some, angels to others. The Cenobites are extra-dimensional beings who are mutilated and brainwashed into torturing humans for all eternity in the Labyrinth.
The Cenobites all have horrific mutilations and/or body piercings, and wear fetishistic black leather clothing that often resembles butchery garments or religious vestments.
That being said: Create your own version of the Cenobite and bring it to the runway.

Vogue Fem Tag Team OTA
✦ The Addams Family - Morticia & Wednesday ✦
Bring it as Morticia and Wednesday from The Addams Family.

Face OTA
✦ Black Swan ✦

Body OTA
✦ Catwoman / Batman ✦
Spice it up a little bit and bring a halloween version of Catwoman/Batman.
Note: A little reveal won’t hurt nobody ;)
Your body is welcome as it is, any shape or size! ♥

Lip Sync Perfomance OTA
✦ Your Favourite Scary Movie Character ✦
Bring your favorite Halloween movie character to life and give a sickening lip sync performance!
You will perform one of the 4 songs listed below for your 10’s. The judges will pick the best two for the final battle. Songs will be picked randomly and you have 1:30 min to impress us.
Learn following songs:
✦ Tina Turner - Golden Eye
✦ Britney Spears - Gimme More
✦ Mariah Carey ft. Jay Z - Heartbreaker
✦ Beyoncé - Single Ladies

Best Dressed OTA
✦ Halloween Fashion ✦
Bring your most fashionable Halloween outfit and serve it to the judges.
This category is open to all, including spectators.

Registration mandatory for those who are walking the ball.
Remember to register: Name, Ballroom name, category/ categories you are walking: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1IO22iNAtJPbRJXT0FttD_ISC82focjSNgrjxXHghEMA
All registered performers are entitled for a discount on entry fee!

Please be ready before your category. Because it is a club space, there is only very limited space to prepare, so get yourself ready before you come. Please check your own insurance policy.

Mr. Sparkles 007 will host the Ball and he will ask category by category, who wants to walk.


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