WEDDING All By Myself

12.02.2019, Corner Hall

”I got tired of answering my relatives' wishful inquiries about when I was planning to move on to the career path of a mother and wife, so I decided to make their wish come true in my own way. Literally. So I am going to marry myself. I welcome you to celebrate with me!”

WEDDING All By Myself

HÄÄT All By Myself is Leena Harjunpää's contemporary dance solo, in which the performer decides to marry only herself despite the pressure from her environment. The piece examines the need for and the significance of the wedding institution in our modern society. The performance sheds a whole new light on wedding traditions. In this party the bride takes her own space, organizes her own ceremony, paints her soul's landscape with her dancing, makes her own speeches and creates her own tradition-enriching program. In addition to contemporary dance the bride does a voguing dance routine as the first dance. As is characteristic of Harjunpää, this visual, dance-oriented, perceptive and even comical piece cuts into the behavioral patterns of people.

Premiere was 5.5.2017 at Turbiinisali in Helsinki Finland. The piece visited Norway Fringe Festival, Bergen, 8.-9.9.2018.

Duration: about 40min.
For adults +15
Finnish and English used in the performance.

Choreography and dance: Leena Harjunpää
Sound design and music: Jouni Tauriainen
Lighting and set design: Eero Erkamo
Costume design: Sarune Peciukonyte
Voguing choreography: Heikki Hautajoki

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