Terms and conditions

The website of Korjaamo Culture Factory offers current information for all those interested in Korjaamo's activities. The website is designed for those who are interested in the events: the members of public, media, other interest groups and personnel.

Via the website you can send feedback and contact Korjaamo, take part in discussions, comment on events and writings or articles, and get press material.

Legal notice
The usage of the webpage of Korjaamo Culture Factory (www.korjaamo.fi) is only allowed when these terms and conditions are obeyed. While browsing the pages the user accepts these conditions.
In order to take part in discussions you are to register yourself as a user. Korjaamo has the right to delete all inappropriate comments.

Press releases, the photos and printable logos are to be used only for journalistic purposes, and when used so the source must be mentioned.

Discharge from liability
The website of Korjaamo Culture Factory is to be presented without obligation and as it is. Korjaamo does not guarantee that the website functions non-stop or without errors, nor does it answer for the availability of the website. Korjaamo has the right to make changes to the website.