IHME festival 25.-26.5.

25.05.2018 - 26.05.2018

The world through the eyes of an insect: IHME Festival at Korjaamo on May 25-26

The annual IHME Contemporary Art Festival, celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, produces a commissioned work of art in urban public space with the aim of engaging with diverse audiences. This spring, the Swedish artist Henrik Håkansson’s film THE BEETLE gives a voice to an endangered species of beetle, Hylochares cruentatus. The high-speed camera used in the film slows the little insect’s movements (it is less than a centimetre long) so clearly that the spectator gets a real close-up view. Experimental music pioneer Mika Vainio's soundtrack emphasizes the beetle’s peculiar way of being, which is foreign to human existence.

The fate of the rare beetle is dependent on a species of willow that is losing its wetland habitats due to human attempts to prevent flooding in urban environments. Seen from a broader perspective, the mass disappearance of insect species is also a problem on a global scale.

A two-day event (25–26 May) at Korjaamo has been constructed around the IHME Project to offer new perspectives on the increasingly torrid relationship between man and the environment. On Friday, May 25, the interface between art and ecology will be discussed by the IHME Artist and, among others, media researcher Professor Jussi Parikka. On Saturday, May 26, the IHME Marathon takes 2.5 hours to look at public art projects in which, besides humans, representatives of other species play a role.

In addition to the discussions, Håkansson’s specially commissioned work will be augmented by an extensive programme of films on the Festival weekend. The screenings deal with themes such as the relationship between humans and the environment, the current and future state of the world, and the representation of other species in art.

This year the Festival has also gone out of its way to accommodate families with children with nonstop workshops where people can make insect masks or think about climate change through their own memories of the weather. After the Festival events at Korjaamo, family events continue in Myyrmäki, Vantaa, the home of Hylochares cruentatus.

For the adult audience, the Festival days continue in the intimate atmosphere of the IHME clubs. The first evening will give voice to species that are usually silent. Our familiar weeds: mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris), northern dock (Rumex longifolius) and field thistle (Cirsium arvense) come together to form The Band of Weeds, which is defined by marginality. Saturday's Club Programme will be announced nearer the time

Full festival programme here.

The annual IHME festival brings international contemporary art to public spaces. The IHME artist's commissioned work surprises people on everyday routes, and even in places where art is rarely seen. The IHME Project continues as a free event that provides perspectives on the themes in the work. The community-based IHME School is implemented in schools, youth centres and wherever the IHME Project is realised.

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Time : 25.05.2018 - 26.05.2018