Allas – Sea Pool Helsinki is an outdoor sea pool complex opening at Katajanokka next to the Helsinki market square in the summer of 2016. Allas is a mix of lively urban culture, old Baltic spa culture, and local cuisine.

Allas Helsinki Pool
Allas Helsinki Pool
Allas Helsinki Pool
Allas pop up cafe

Allas Sea Pool


Allas Sea Pool

What is Allas Sea Pool?

Combining the lingering Baltic spa tradition and modern urban culture, the new Allas Sea Pool is located in the heart of Helsinki. Allas Sea Pool is a project where the city and the seaside are taken over for the citizens’ use. Allas Sea Pool creates spa life within a formerly fenced-off concrete area, plants a park on a gravel landing and turns a parking lot into a sandy beach. 

The spa will be built using Finnish fir, and its pools and saunas will be open year-round. A giant floating lounge and exercise terrace with swimming pools will be towed to the side of the dock. The restaurant and café will renew Finnish restaurant culture and offer health food, sea food and the freshest ingredients of the season. There will be cultural events and activities from music, movies and circus to theater and festivals. Allas Sea Pool also offers opportunities for yoga, exercise, pilates and swimming schools. Visitors can marvel at the local wooden architecture, smart & clean know-how and the Baltic Sea Center that showcases the Baltic Sea. With floating sea pools, three saunas, delicious Nordic cuisine, an active cultural scene, and a rooftop garden with a beautiful view of the open sea, Allas Sea Pool is a unique project unlike anything else in the world. Be it a sweltering summer day or an icy winter night, visitors will be in for a truly Finnish experience.

Allas Sea Pool believes in and lives for encounters, interaction, topicality and urban sustainability feeding both mind and body.

Allas Sea Pool is open year-round with an affordable entrance fee. The restaurants and the Baltic Sea Center are free of charge.

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