Public workspaces


As part of the World Design Capital year Korjaamo has launched new a new centre designed for creative working and meaningful being called The Third Space. The old tram hall hosts premises working and lounging that are open to the public, the new exhibition premises of Korjaamo Gallery, an art sales collection and art lending library, bar and kitchen, design pop-up shop, bookshop and theatre hall.

The starting point for the renovation of Korjaamo was the more elusive boundary between work and free time. It is more and more common to work in unusual spaces, remotely or away from traditional offices. On the other hand, on their free time, people look for experiences and culture for sources of inspiration. The new premises were designed by German architect Florian Köhl.

There are six work spaces each of which has its own theme. The premises can be hired by companies and individuals, such as groups of friends, associations and clubs. For Korjaamo group members available work premises will be offered for use without charge.

In addition, Korjaamo's new bar & kitchen has spread out into the new premises, lendind itself to both working and socialising.

The Third Space is open Mon-Fri 9–21, Sat 11–19 and Sun 11–17.

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